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The Art of WMS

Not just any WMS!

The distinctive features of a WMS are its configurability, flexibility as well as process transparency. Since 1996, GIGATON has been developing organizational systems which make complex logistics chains controllable. An art in itself, making the Heddesheim-based company one of the leading companies in the segment of WMS providers.


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    Successful start of LogoS MFS for pioneer project BASF Kaisten

Successful start of LogoS MFS for pioneer project BASF Kaisten

Kaisten, 2018 June

Beginning of May, Gigaton implemented the new LogoS Material Flow System (MFS) in the Kaisten plant of their long-standing client, BASF Schweiz AG. The BASF plant in Kaisten produces plastic additives in the form of antioxidants, managed by the warehouse management system LogoS which is connected to the BASF ERP and PPS systems via an intensive interface communication. LogoS is not only responsible for the disposal of production waste, but also for warehousing, shipping and loading processes for both finished and semi-finished goods.

In terms of logistics, production provisioning and disposal of production waste processes are managed by an automated high bay warehouse which is connected to the production facilities via two conveyor lines, combined with a Stöcklin stacker crane with aisle switching functionality. Additionally, a channel storage system for Cross Docking goods in the vicinity of the loading zones is also connected.

The goods transferred from the production facilities are put into stock through the conveyor line both in the HBW as well as in defined Cross Dock areas via the cannel storage system. Calls for shipping are then transmitted to the MFS and processed in an optimized order through an order control triggered by ERP/PPS using LogoS.

The flow of goods is monitored, controlled and optimized by LogoS MFS. The processing is fully integrated in the warehouse management system by means of a visualization of the flow of goods, ensuring the monitoring of the pallet’s current location and their target at any time, providing the opportunity to directly correct any potentials errors.

Under this retrofit project, the existing external MFC including all SPS controls were replaced by the MFS which is fully integrated in the WMS LogoS. The project was realized in close collaboration and in the course of Gigaton’s strategic partnership with the Swiss expert for plant control, Soloc Automation GmbH based in Menziken ( Within this cooperation, Gigaton aims to cover the entire process and control chain for automated systems in the future.


Future needs origins and evolution needs tradition.
A culture which GIGATON defines as the cornerstone of its success, and which helped to build solid company foundations since 1996.

After more than 20 years, the (further) development of intelligent warehouse management systems represents an unparalleled competency. LogoS – born from industry-specific practice, designed for the industry – is an interactive cross-sector solution making complex logistics chains controllable in an integrative and extremely efficient manner.  

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