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The Art of WMS

Not just any WMS!

The distinctive features of a WMS are its configurability, flexibility as well as process transparency. Since 1996, GIGATON has been developing organizational systems which make complex logistics chains controllable. An art in itself, making the Heddesheim-based company one of the leading companies in the segment of WMS providers.



  • Gigaton auf Logistics & Distribution in Zürich
Liebe Schweizer Logistikfans,[more]

bitte beachten Sie, dass die Logistics & Distribution dieses Jahr nicht entfällt (vorerst) sondern nur verschoben wurde.

Wenn Sie Interesse haben die Gigaton auf der Logistics & Distribution in Zürich zu besuchen und sich dort über das WMS LogoS 3 zu informieren, dann merken Sie sich bitte den 24. - 25. Juni 2020 vor.

Wir freuen uns auf Sie nach der Krise!


Future needs origins and evolution needs tradition.
A culture which GIGATON defines as the cornerstone of its success, and which helped to build solid company foundations since 1996.

After more than 20 years, the (further) development of intelligent warehouse management systems represents an unparalleled competency. LogoS – born from industry-specific practice, designed for the industry – is an interactive cross-sector solution making complex logistics chains controllable in an integrative and extremely efficient manner.  

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