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Cloud System

GigatonCloud facilitates a scalable and flexible client-server implementation of LogoS. Users can directly access the GIGATON computer centers via internet of VPN tunnels.

For this purpose, existing computer systems do not have to be neither increased nor extended, but they are de facto extended by a virtual memory space. On this virtual memory space, all users can now access LogoS directly from their PCs, tablets or smartphones and run all LogoS processes in a quick and efficient manner.

The state-of-the-art hardware components of our computer center are almost fully configurable in order to meet the individual needs of different company requirements and IT-based services.

GigatonCloud Client-Server Implementation

GigatonCloud Structure

GigatonCloud Structure


GigatonCloud Benefits

LogoS conected via Cloud to Smartphone
  • GigatonCloud is extremely flexible and can be adapted to every customer request
  • Easily extensible in accordance with new project requirements or new sites
  • Implementation of tablets, stacker terminals, radio scanners, etc.
  • Cloud access from mobile work stations from anywhere
  • The computer center is completely monitored by an early warning system
  • Backup concept with a particular backup server as well as an optional backup in a second computer center
  • Additional Cloud services like HTTP, FTP, SFTP, AS2, Email, Cloud Drive, etc. can be individually booked On-demand
  • Support of computer center, hardware and software by one provider

Gigaton Computer Center

Two separate computer centers are available to our customers, ensuring a high-performance IT infrastructure. Besides a stable and secure server capacity, GIGATON provides state-of-the-art monitoring systems.

The IT infrastructure is managed and controlled by means of adequate monitoring systems. Additionally, all sensitive issues are permanently monitored. This enables the timely and concise verification and control of all important components and critical values – from power supply and cooling to the safety facilities and individual process variables of the IT systems.

Gigaton Computer Center

Gigaton Computer Center
Scope of Services:

  • VMWare Cluster with SAN technology
  • Redundant physical servers
  • Storage systems-mirrored disks
  • Redundant network
  • Physical backup server with tape library
  • Online UPS
  • Redundant automatic air conditioning
  • Manufacturer maintenance contracts for hardware and software with short reaction and recovery times
  • Monitoring of hardware components, network, virtual servers, backups, services, etc.
  • Monitoring of premises (alarm systems, fire alarms, temperature monitoring, power supply)
  • Central access control

Secure Data

Data privacy is our top priority. Access controls secured by an alarm system as well as profound technical and organizational security measures ensure a very high data privacy standard for all data.

Our data backup model in the LogoS workflow provides for a regular backup of all virtual servers which, according to the individual requirements, will also copy the complete data volume to a backup server multiple times a day. This will be carried out by means of snapshots. The archive logs being permanently generated on the LogoS database server by the Oracle Database will also be saved on the backup server. In addition, a daily backup will take place on a tape library which is located in a separate fire compartment within the computer center.

Upon request, a second backup via WAN on a separate backup server can be set up by means of the snapshot technique.

GigatonCloud - backup