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About LogoS Enterprise

LogoS Enterprise
LogoS Enterprise is an interactive cross-sector WMS solution which can be used in logistics services, industry, wholesale, mail order sector and retail trade.

As an integrative warehouse management system, it can be integrated into all existing process and IT landscapes: whether ERP, TMS, shipping, and customs systems or MFS as well as automated picking systems. Prospective analyses and visual data preparation - which can also be retrieved on smartphone and tablet from any location - facilitate fast reactions to market changes and a just-in-time customer service.

Flexible cloud solutions, also designed by GIGATON, support the maximum functionality of LogoS.


  • LogoS Full version: ENTERPRISE
  • LogoS Compact version: COMPACT and COMPACT+
  • LogoS is hardware-, database- and OS-neutral
  • LogoS processes all processes online
  • LogoS has a modular scalable and configurable design
  • LogoS provides integrated online interfaces
    • Material flow control (Sockets / Web services)
    • SAP (IDOCs)
    • other systems (via format standards XML/ASCII/CSV)
  • LogoS has open standard interfaces
  • LogoS standard version is available in the languages DE, EN and FR

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Set of Functions

LogoS Core Functions
LogoS Additional Functions

System Integration

LogoS System Integration


LogoS Compact
LogoS can be implemented, besides the full version Enterprise, in a compact version.

LogoS Compact
and Compact+ are module packages, addressing mostly small companies which would like to manage their logistical core processes using a digital warehouse management system.

LogoS Compact is a paper-based version, whereas Compact+ uses radio data. Functional extensions via add-on modules of the Enterprise solution can be added anytime.