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  • Successful start of LogoS MFS for pioneer project BASF Kaisten
Successful start of LogoS MFS for pioneer project BASF Kaisten[more]

Kaisten, 2018 June

Beginning of May, Gigaton implemented the new LogoS Material Flow System (MFS) in the Kaisten plant of their long-standing client, BASF Schweiz AG. The BASF plant in Kaisten produces plastic additives in the form of antioxidants, managed by the warehouse management system LogoS which is connected to the BASF ERP and PPS systems via an intensive interface communication. LogoS is not only responsible for the disposal of production waste, but also for warehousing, shipping and loading processes for both finished and semi-finished goods.

In terms of logistics, production provisioning and disposal of production waste processes are managed by an automated high bay warehouse which is connected to the production facilities via two conveyor lines, combined with a Stöcklin stacker crane with aisle switching functionality. Additionally, a channel storage system for Cross Docking goods in the vicinity of the loading zones is also connected.

The goods transferred from the production facilities are put into stock through the conveyor line both in the HBW as well as in defined Cross Dock areas via the cannel storage system. Calls for shipping are then transmitted to the MFS and processed in an optimized order through an order control triggered by ERP/PPS using LogoS.

The flow of goods is monitored, controlled and optimized by LogoS MFS. The processing is fully integrated in the warehouse management system by means of a visualization of the flow of goods, ensuring the monitoring of the pallet’s current location and their target at any time, providing the opportunity to directly correct any potentials errors.

Under this retrofit project, the existing external MFC including all SPS controls were replaced by the MFS which is fully integrated in the WMS LogoS. The project was realized in close collaboration and in the course of Gigaton’s strategic partnership with the Swiss expert for plant control, Soloc Automation GmbH based in Menziken ( Within this cooperation, Gigaton aims to cover the entire process and control chain for automated systems in the future.


  • [Translate to Englisch:] LogoS MFS
Introducing LogoS MFS - Gigaton provides extended product portfolio of material flow controller[more]

Heddesheim, 2018 April 20

Since the beginning of 2018, Gigaton delivers scheduling, consultation, and implementation services, developing controls for automated installations and their maintenance, as well as retrofitting services, based on and supplementary to their warehouse management system LogoS C/S for automated transport services environments.

LogoS MFS is the new member in Gigaton’s services portfolio. The material flow controller which is fully integrated in the WMS LogoS allows the mapping of data and information flows in automated installations and high-bay warehouses such as for controlling conveyor systems, automatic racks, sorter systems, autostore systems, stacker cranes, and many more. Gigaton also delivers the visualization enabling the monitoring of the current material flow in the installation and providing the basis for failure diagnosis and troubleshooting.

In the course of the delivery of LogoS MFS, Gigaton also engaged in a new strategic partnership for plant control with the Swiss specialist Soloc Automation GmbH based in Menziken AG ( This partnership enables Gigaton to map the complete control chain for the implementation of automation.



  • Pilot project has successfully started for Gate56 and Gigaton
Pilot project has successfully started for Gate56 and Gigaton [more]

Polch, 2017 October 17

01 July 2017, the recently founded logistics services provider Gate56 based in Polch has opened the doors for the operational handling of their first major customer at the Polch site. The logistical handling will be carried out using the warehouse organization software LogoS C/S.

The pilot project includes the handling of the distribution logistics of a renowned producer of hygiene products and will be handled in the logistics center Polch on an area of about 20.000m².

The decision to work with Gigaton was taken besides the functional possibilities provided by LogoS C/S as well due to the fact that Gigaton is willing to cooperate and support with expanding start-up companies.


  • Forwarder Biermann introduces warehouse organization system LogoS for optimized logistics concept
Forwarder Biermann introduces LogoS for optimized logistics concept [more]

Büren, 2017 August 31

East-Westphalian logistics expert Biermann will optimize their logistics processes using the warehouse management system LogoS C/S. In the course of a new customer project in the E-commerce sector for a furniture manufacturer, the software will be used as a pilot. Afterwards, the already existing customers in the further logistics centers of the Biermann Group, covering an area of more than 50.000m² each, are to be gradually transferred to LogoS.

The IT project includes permanent handling via radio data transmission ranging from registration in the goods receipt, to the optimized storage, to the order picking and the consignment processes and solely needed two months. The information flow for the logistical handling will be carried out via a complete interface integration to the client ERP as well as to the shipping service providers. 


  • Industry 4.0 finds its way into the warehouse
  • PUMA, ITG, Gigaton and MAGAZINO implement joint pilot project
Industry 4.0 finds its way into the warehouse[more]

München/Heddesheim, 2017 July 20

PUMA, ITG, Gigaton and MAGAZINO implement joint pilot projec

The future has already begun. Much has already been reported about the term "Industry 4.0," and in the meantime new technologies have found their way into almost all areas of the value chain. This is the case in logistics, as well. ITG recently started a pilot project at its Schwaig location, working together with the sports brand PUMA, the start-up MAGAZINO as technology partner, and the software manufacturer Gigaton. In the Logistics Center that ITG operates for the PUMA retail stores, an order-picking robot has been in use since May 2017.

Schwaig, July 12th 2017 - PUMA initiated the pilot project after an encounter at a trade show with a robotics manufacturer and Munich-based start-up MAGAZINO. The start-up's vision is to create the "first intelligent and decision-making warehouse in the world." For these high ambitions to become reality, the devices must be tested in practical application in order to move the development forward with the insights gained. ITG was open to the project from the start. The project team, with members from the participating companies, has been working on this implementation since the end of July 2016.

TORU provides precise access to individual objects, not just standardized loading units like trays or boxes. The adaptive picker arms can grasp different cue-shaped objects - from a small paperback book to a shoe box or a heavy dictionary. Then, the robot can place the grasped object on its shelf and bring it directly to the shipping station.

TORU learns while picking
The hardware with conveyor technology is based on proven elements. What's unique about this system is the software, which networks the technology and the sensors. TORU involves a perception-controlled robot. Thanks to cameras, computer vision, numerous sensors, and the use of artificial intelligence, the robot can perceive and interpret its environment and make decisions on that basis. This allows not only for permanent adjustments to the warehouse topology and the use of the robot in work environments alongside people, but also lets the system to learn independently.

The "new colleague" named TORU now assists the employees of ITG. The cooperation between man and machine is ensured with numerous sensors on the robot. These sensors continuously record data about the environment. If TORU gets too close to someone, it reduces its speed and then stops its movements. The system has been inspected by the German employers' liability insurance association in order to guarantee workplace safety.

Cooperation between man and machine
A major benefit is that the robot can be used outside of working hour models, for the late shift or night shift for example. TORU doesn't even need the warehouse lighting, as it has integrated headlights and can light its work environment itself. What is particularly innovative and a real bonus from this concept is the agile system design: the robot can be used in other departments without additional expense, and automatically familiarizes itself with them. This flexibility provides great added value, which has made a positive impression on PUMA and ITG.

One of the goals of this pilot project is to test the robot in practical application. In this process, questions about behavior with people in the work environment, stability and consistency in daily use, and the maturity of the technology in real world conditions will be answered. The partners would also like to see just how efficient the robot can be. Different scenarios are presented for this purpose in order to gain insight on what the ideal environment for the technology looks like.

Live operation with TORU is expected to start in September, once the robot technology is linked with the LogoS external warehouse management system from Gigaton, and the first positive tests and a brief familiarization period are completed. By then the employees will have surely thought of a unique name for their new coworkers.


  • GIGATON stellt 2017 auf LOGISTICS & DISTRIBUTION, Messe Zürich aus
GIGATON Exhibitor at transport logistic, Messe München [more]

Heddesheim/München, 2017 May 02

After a long time, Gigaton GmbH will exhibit at transport logistic, the trade fair for logistics from 09/05 - 12/05/2017 in Munich. The trade fair deals with topics relevant to the global logistics and transport sector.

Find us in Hall B2 429/530, joint stand of LogCoop, the logistics network for SME.


  • GIGATON exhibitor at the trade fair LOGISTICS & DISTRIBUTION 2017, Messe Zürich
GIGATON exhibitor at the trade fair LOGISTICS & DISTRIBUTION 2017, Messe Zürich[more]

Heddesheim/Zurich, March 29 2017

Gigaton GmbH are going to exhibit for the first time at the Swiss trade fair Logistics & Distribution in Zurich, taking place from April 26 – April 27, 2017. The industry event focuses on topics like conveyance technologies, E-Logistics, distribution & systems.

Feel free to visit us in Hall 3, stand D27.


  • GIGATON repeatedly exhibitor at LogiMAT 2017 in Stuttgart
GIGATON repeatedly exhibitor at LogiMAT 2017 in Stuttgart[more]

Heddesheim/Stuttgart, February 7 2017

2017, Gigaton will present once more the scope of functions including every development and upgrade of its warehouse management system LogoS C/S at LogiMAT trade fair.

This year’s focus will be on optimization solution approaches in the field of stacker control systems, the further development in the field of monitoring cockpit functionalities, visualization possibilities for 3D warehouses as well as modern picking strategies.

Following our trusted concept, the visitors are offered a “Miniature logistics center” they can touch and test out at the Gigaton stand.

Feel free to visit us in Hall 7, stand 7B60.

We are looking forward to your requirements!


  • Swiss Post integrates Autostore using LogoS C/S
Swiss Post integrates Autostore using LogoS C/S[more]

Heddesheim/Villmergen (CH), January 20 2017

For the optimization of their hospital logistics Swiss Post relies on a new logistics concept in their logistics center located in Villmergen, Switzerland, using a semi-automated Autostore system. The Autostore has been integrated into the already existing system landscape and is controlled via the warehouse management software LogoS C/S in the overall process.

Die Post is one of the major logistics service providers in the Swiss market. Within the framework of the TAUVIL project, the range of services in the health sector provided shall be strategically extended and a comprehensive solution in the logistics service sector shall be provided. Special focus is placed on storage, assembly, dispatch, outbound sorting processes and return management. Connecting the Autostore concept is included in the overall logistics strategy.

The first step in the realization of the project consisted in the modification of the logistics center in Villmergen, since the Autostore with a total height of about 5 meters including a vertical conveyor extends across multiple levels. The Autostore has 20,000 container bins in total, via which 12,000 containers shall be managed in the first step. A total of 17 robots guarantee the transport in the Autostore, lastly ensuring the provision of 9 workstations for the storage and removal.

At this stage of the process, LogoS as the leading system ensures besides the stock management in the Autostore its filling as well as the retrieval of the dispatch orders from it. The filling of the Autostore is carried out in the goods entry according to configurable regulations and threshold values regarding quantities, as well as the automated replenishment from the inventory to the Autostore.

The picking in the Autostore itself ensures a subsystem which is transferring the package information back to LogoS via an interface, where it is further processed after its staging. The packages from the Autostore area are brought together with packages from further manual zones via a conveyor on a sorter machine per loading and hospital.

The sorter itself is emptied using a Pick by Light system which is operated in combination with data RDT scanners. The finished packages are then packed in roller containers, whereby the additional challenge is to adhere to the defined fixed loading sequence.

The project was realized within a total of 15 months and went live in October 2016. Autostore im Logistikzentrum Villmergen Autostore im Logistikzentrum Villmergen  Autostore im Logistikzentrum Villmergen



  • Successful start of a partnership in Switzerland
Successful start of a partnership in Switzerland[more]

Udligenswil/Heddesheim, December 19 2016

In cooperation with Swiss implementation partner Schulze IT Logistik GmbH, Gigaton GmbH implements pilot project at Krummen Kerzers AG. The strategic partnership concluded in 2015 between the logistics experts Gigaton GmbH and Schulze IT Logistik GmbH is bearing initial fruit. In July 2016, following only a four-month project phase, the warehouse management software LogoS C/S designed by Gigaton has been implemented in the storage location of the logistics specialist Krummen Kerzers AG.

At the Kerzers site, complex logistic requirements are handled on a surface of 6000sqm for different retail customers in whole Switzerland, who are from there being supplied by Krummen Kerzers. Besides the complete material flow which is now mapped via Pick-by-Scan since the changeover, Krummen Kerzers provides different value-added services like the assembly and labelling of goods. Besides the material flow, a smooth and fully automated flow of information is of paramount importance, concerning both the integration of interfaces of up- and downstream systems and the topics “Invoicing of logistics services” and automated processed regarding the scheduling of processed with priority control etc. Here, we were able to optimize the overall process, providing a very satisfactory solution according to Peter Krummen, managing director of Krummen Kerzers AG. “The project implementation has been carried out well and it was also in the critical and hectic period where the changeover took place that Gigaton and Tom Schulze were readily available at all times and readjusted the system and especially the data in a timely manner”, underlined Peter Krummen. He continued: “We could notice an increase in productivity starting already after a short time and we are still at the beginning.”

Schulze IT Logistik GmbH played a crucial part in the very process of the implementation that assumed the technical and system configuration largely on their own as well as the realization of system and integration tests, user training courses and support during the implementation process. “In this part of the project, the employees of Gigaton had a supporting role, they were operating practically as a second-level support. The combination of concentrated logistical know-how and profound IT competency becomes apparent in a project like this”, Peter Krummen commented on his new partner.

Tom Schulze, holder of Schulze IT Logistik GmbH, is also satisfied with the successful design of the project and commends the cooperation. “A professional project management stands out – this was a result of a really good and constructive cooperation, otherwise it would not have succeeded in this short implementation span”. Schulze continued: “Furthermore, LogoS keeps its promises and is configurable in a way that standardized processes and requirements of depositors equally can be considered, in particular in the radio terminals. This fact really made it easier”.

For the future, both companies hope that their partnership is further expanded. The foundation has been laid and plans for new projects are already made.


  • GIGATON implements new Pick-by-voice standard connection
GIGATON implements new Pick-by-voice standard connection[more]

Heddesheim, October 28 2016

In the course of a process modification at the premises of pharma experts LOGOSYS Logistik GmbH & Co. KG based in Darmstadt, Gigaton has connected a new standard interface with a Pick-by-Voice system.

LOGOSYS controls your two-level picking process in the B2C segment using the new Pick-by-voice system. After volume and weight data of a package automatically have been determined, stock transfers to picking bins are generated, from where a picking process is carried out via Pick-by-Voice using Pick-and-Pack. Alternatively, this process is also possible with a Multi-order-picking. It is followed by a subsequent dispatch process which is fully integrated in LogoS.

The intelligent and configurable voice control solution of the new Pick-by-voice solution runs in a client-server architecture and follows a speaker independent voice recognition approach. It enables a flexible management of the logistical processes, allowing the implementation of basically all processes via Pick-by-Voice and Move-by-Voice. The voice solution is adopted to the parameterization of the LogoS processes which enables a full integration in the present process map. The data exchange itself is being carried out using Web services.

Another advantage of the new solution is its hardware independency which allows end-users to employ devices of different producers.


  • Neutec Chemie relies on LogoS C/S for new logistics center
Neutec Chemie relies on LogoS C/S for new logistics center [more]

Bodenheim, October 6 2016

Neutec Chemie, renowned producer of chemical cleaning agents based in Bodenheim, Germany are using the warehouse management software LogoS C/S in the course of their strategic logistics expansion project.

The expansion of the company and the related advanced requirements for the logistics were a decisive factor for a new construction of a logistics center. The new center for 20 employees in the Mainz business park Hechtsheim will comprise a modern hall of 6,000 m² which features high-rack shelves, picking zones, specific storage areas for hazardous substances and goods, and goods receipt and loading zones.

The complete processing of the new logistics center will then be controlled with the warehouse management software LogoS C/S using radio data transmission.


  • Krummen Kerzers relies on LogoS C/S
Krummen Kerzers relies on LogoS C/S for optimized logistics concept[more]

Kerzers, September 28 2016

Within the frame of its storage capacity extension, Krummen Kerzers, Swiss expert in logistics, optimizes its logistical processes using the Warehouse Management System LogoS C/S. On a storage area of 6000 m2, the introduction of LogoS C/S succeeded in increasing the productivity by a crucial amount, particularly concerning the transport of dry freight for retail customers.

The changeover to a continuous RTD solution, combined with an intelligent automated bin location search on the basis of a random storage system, helped to significantly reduce in particular the manual office work. Thanks to the increased degree of automation, it has now been made possible to improve resource utilization and the transparency of the processes.

The fully automated order administration is made through an interface communication, concerning both goods receipt notification and the communication via EDI in the dispatch process. The complete dispatch process has been standardized and integrated into LogoS, which ensured that, besides EDI communication, the whole document and label print process including defined number ranges for SSCC barcodes are now controlled via LogoS.

The whole project management has been implemented for the first time, as a result of a very successfully cooperation with the experts Schulze IT Logistik GmbH. Following a four-month project preparation phase, the project commenced 07/01/2016.


  • GIGATON connects Autostore
GIGATON connects Autostore[more]

Heddesheim, September 5 2016

By connecting an Autostore system, Gigaton further extends its integration strategy for innovative logistics technologies. Increasing article assortments and hence lack of space require innovative logistics solutions especially in the field of picking of small parts. An example for such solutions is the concept of an Autostore which uses an intelligent logic for the space-saving storage of a multitude of parts as well as automated to-bin and from-bin transfer processes. The new connectivity thus allows an optimized process handling through the combined use of the warehouse management system LogoS and an Autostore, and by the means of additional logistics technologies like Pick by Scan or Pick by/to Light.

Gigaton bindet Autostore an


  • Fritz OHG chooses LogoS C/S
Hazardous Goods Specialist Fritz OHG Chooses LogoS C/S[more]

Mainz, August, 22 2016

Since 1992, the Stuttgart-based Fritz OHG has been offering special logistics services for their customers in the chemical sector and the pharmaceutics industry in their warehouse especially designed for hazardous substances in Mainz.

For the expansion of their logistics services regarding this warehouse and further sites, Fritz OHG have now decided to use LogoS C/S, the warehouse management software designed by Gigaton.

In the end, Gigaton offered a convincing solution with LogoS C/S which reflects their longstanding experience in logistics and verifiable references in the logistics sector concerning hazardous substances.


  • Fritz OHG chooses LogoS C/S
NTS, expert in logistics based in Offenbach, optimizes Warehouse using LogoS C/S[more]

Rodgau, August, 19 2016

In their logistics center of 10,000 m² in Rodgau-Jügesheim, Germany, NTS GmbH handle a multitude of clients in different sectors with a wide range of requirements. On 17,000 pallet slots and more than 1,500 shelving racks different bearing technology are put to use.

In the Future the operational handling of the modern storage areas in Rodgau will be controlled using the warehouse management software LogoS C/S which offers a variety of configurable standards and hence an augmented flexibility. This step is required in order to ensure that the customers’ high demands regarding quality and reliability can be met in the future as well.

Due to the fact that the use of LogoS C/S is not limited to one specific sector, and that Gigaton has specific expertise in the logistics service sector, NTS expect to be able to more flexibly respond to market requirements and to optimize their logistic processes.


GIGATON Elephants admit defeat in finale[more]

Schwegenheim, July, 02 2016

It was only in the last minute of the stoppage time that Gigaton Elephants could be defeated 0-1 at this year’s Hammercup, the traditional soccer tournament organized by ASV Schwegenheim.

Considered rank outsider, the newly formed team surprised everyone right from the beginning of the first match. Thanks to a strong defence, the team easily dominated their opponents in the first two matches of the group stage. After a 2-0 margin, Elephants had to face a 3-3 as result of the third match, which was, however, enough that the team clinched first place in their group.
After tight victories both in the quarter and semi-final which was won during the final seconds with a brilliant long range goal shot from the midline, the team advanced to the final.

The latter was fought with intensity, however, the team conceded an unfortunate goal and therefore admitted defeat.
Even though the final was lost, Gigaton’s team looks back on their best tournament result ever and the greatest success during the past 10 years in which it exists. Gigaton Elephants 2016


  • Gigaton puts into operation sorter pocket for textile industry
Gigaton Puts into Operation Sorter Pocket for Textile Industry[more]

Heddesheim/Munich, June 8, 2016

In cooperation with its long-standing customer, the logistics expert ITG GmbH based in Munich, Gigaton GmbH has implemented a fully automated sorter pocket.

ITG, expert in full-service logistics, covers an extensive product portfolio specifically for the textile, cosmetics and lifestyle & merchandise sectors. 

Together, a fully automated sorter pocket system designed by the company Dürkopp was put into operation, featuring a capacity of 40,000 bags and a sorting performance of 15,000 bags/h. After eight months, the project has now been completed. By its commissioning, ITG GmbH is thus currently able to process and prepare up to 1,000 cardboard boxes/h for dispatch for your major customer operating in the textile industry.

The sorter pocket system has been connected through telegram communication via web service with the Warehouse management system LogoS C/S and compiles packages in a fully automated manner.

The sorter pockets are filled using a replenishment logic, which is automatically initiated in LogoS due to an optimized system for batch generation, from shelving rack and high racking zones. By means of explicit container IDs, the replenishment orders are transferred to the sorter pocket system which receives them via a semi-automatic infeed station. The goods are then transferred to the sorter pockets by means of 16 omnidirectional scanners via infeed stations. The goods can now be thrown through a chute right into the provided bags. At this level, the article-specific data of the goods is connected to the RFID transponder of the bag. The bags, which are connected to roll adapters, are subsequently put into storage using a rail system.

Packages are generated in the GI due to an optimized algorithm for the creation of packages and the pooling of orders directly in LogoS. The package information is then transmitted to the sorter which compiles the orders and transfers the already sorted packages to a total of 34 packing stations. Via telegram, LogoS will then be provided the information by the sorter pocket system about which packing station it has delivered the package to.

The consignments are subsequently packed in LogoS and transferred to a conveyor. At this stage, LogoS again communicates with the control technology of the conveyor. A scale finally helps to determine the exact weight of the package before it is prepared for dispatch by means of an automatic sealing machine.

A further particularity lies in the last step of the process chain prior to the loading, since all packages are labeled individually with an automatic labeler (applicator), depending on the mode of dispatch and the determined weight.

Messe News

Gigaton stellt auf LogiMAT 2016 aus[more]

Gigaton stellt auch 2016 wieder Ihr Lagerorganisationssystem LogoS C/S mit altbekannten und bewährten, sowie neuen Funktionalitäten auf der LogiMAT in Stuttgart vom 08.03. - 10.03.2016 vor.

Der Fokus für dieses Jahr liegt dabei auf Optimierungsansätzen im Bereich Staplerleitsysteme, Weiterentwicklungen im Bereich Monitoring und Auswertung, sowie Fragestellungen rund um die Thematik "integrative Lagerverwaltungssysteme in Industrie 4.0 -Umfeldern".

Nach bewährtem Konzept erwartet die Besucher auf dem Gigatonstand wieder ein "Miniatur-Logistikzentrum" zum Anpacken und Ausprobieren.

Besuchen Sie uns in Halle 7, Stand 7B60
Wir freuen uns auf Sie!



Specialist in Pharma Logistics LOGOSYS to Rely On LogoS C/S[more]

Darmstadt, 23. December 2015

LOGOSYS Logistik GmbH & Co.KG, Darmstadt based logistics service provider and specialist in temperature controlled storage according to GMP guidelines as well as the provision of value added services in the pharmaceuticals sector, is to introduce the warehouse management software LogoS C/S.
The medium-sized specialized logistics company offers besides temperature controlled storage of pharmaceuticals on 56,000 pallet spaces and 30,000 sqm of system area a faultless picking as well as a punctual dispatch by means of their own fleet featuring 31 trucks and external transport service providers. LOGOSYS is in charge of different major customers operating in the pharmaceuticals sector, all of which are being connected via converter-controller interfaces for the automated data exchange.

The complex demands for the logistics are all carried out using the warehouse management software LogoS C/S. Nearly 200 employees in total are working on site in Darmstadt, the majority are operating with LogoS. Not only are the core processes processed via LogoS, but also VAS, like the picking of promotion campaigns, the assembly of displays, consolidation, repacking and labeling and coding of medicinal products. The whole logistical process is carried out using RFID or the Pick by voice connection of the company zetes. Furthermore, an automatic conveyor belt by the company Gebhard and a robot for setting off packages has been connected by means of a material flow control.

The particularity of this project is that all processes must be carried out in compliance with the strict traceability standards of materials in accordance with GMP and the EU directives 178/2010. This concerns in particular batch tracing, supervision of expiration dates and temperature and controlling the German pharmaceutical registration numbers (PZN).

Furthermore, the whole project has been realized according to the strict criteria of GAMP 5, a guideline for the validation of computer assisted system in the pharmaceutical industry.



Heddesheim/ Udligenswil, 02 December 2015

WMS provider Gigaton GmbH sets up a new partnership with the Swiss logistics expert Schulze IT Logistik GmbH in order to extend its portfolio by an IT intralogistics consulting service. 

Since particularly process modelling and IT support are, in the most cases, very closely intertwined, a cooperation starting from 01 January 2016 for the purpose of the concentration of competences has been agreed upon by both sides. Major goal of the cooperation shall be to provide an upstream logistics process analytics focusing on both realization and mediation of long existing project competency featuring great know-how in the area of logistics IT, with particular focus on the warehouse management software LogoS C/S. With this cooperation, we are aiming to take a more holistic approach on WMS projects and to further optimize project preparation and implementation stages in particular.

We are looking forward to this cooperation and hope to be able to offer our common customers a clearly extended range of services.


"Entering New Worlds" - Gigaton Spring Festival 2015[more]

Heddesheim, 14 May 2015
On the 13th of May 2015, nearly 200 guests attended annual spring festival Heddesheim organized by the company Gigaton. Optimal weather conditions ensured the “OpenAir" could take place in the courtyard of Gigaton, which made for a special ambience.
"Entering new worlds" was the motto of this year’s event, in particular due to the fact that a long-time companion and friend of Gigaton, Prof. Dr. Michael Schroeder, relinquished his position as Regional Group Spokesman on this day.
Thus, the election of the new speaker team of the regional group Rhein / Neckar were held during the event. Succeeding Martin Krumhaar, purchasing manager category Transport / Logistics of Saint-Gobain Germany was elected.
After the official part, there was enough time for all participants while enjoying a glass of wine and delicious dishes to have a good conversation about the latest news in the logistics world and other exciting topics in a relaxed atmosphere.
We‘d like to thank all participants for the nice evening and are already looking forward to next year.


Großkomponenten mit großen Herausforderungen[more]

Heddesheim, 27. April 2015
GIGATON bindet Aussenlager für Großkomponenten beim Logistikdienstleister BLG LOGISTICS für das Siemens Werk in Krefeld an.

Nachdem LogoS bereits seit Anfang 2014 für die interne Werkslogistik bei Siemens im Werk Krefeld zum Einsatz kommt, wurde nun in einem Zwei-Phasenkonzept das Nordgelände, ein neugebautes Logistikcenter, von wo aus die Zulieferung von Großkomponenten ins Werk gesteuert wird, an LogoS angebunden.

Siemens baut im Werk Krefeld Regional- und Schnellzüge für nationale und internationale Kunden. Unter anderem wurden hier schon alle Generationen der ICE-Baureihe (InterCityExpress) gebaut. Aktuell wird dort auch die neue ICE-Generation, der ICx, gebaut.

In dem seit 2014 fertiggestelltem Logistikcenter, welches direkt an das Siemens Werksgelände angrenzt, arbeiten ca. 80 Mitarbeiter auf einer Gesamtfläche von 30.000 m². Betrieben wird das Lager durch den internationalen Logistikdienstleister BLG LOGISTICS, der dort in zwei Hallenschiffen die Logistik sowohl für die so genannten Langteile, d.h. Aluminiumkomponenten (Module und Profile), die teilweise bis zu 28 Meter lang sind, als auch für Großkomponenten, wie Fahrzeugkabinen, Schaltschränke, Transformatoren, Nasszellen etc. abwickelt.

Ende 2014 wurde die Lagerverwaltungssoftware LogoS erst in der so genannten Langteilehalle und anschließend, im Mai 2015, in der Kurzteilehalle ausgerollt. Das Projekt lief insgesamt über einen Zeitraum von einem Jahr.  
Zulieferung für Fertigung wird komplett über LogoS gesteuert

Von der Vereinnahmung aller Wareneingänge, Bildung von Material-Kits, der Kommissionierung und dem Umpacken von Groß- und Kleinkomponenten, der Zusammenführung von Baugruppen bis letztendlich zur finalen Auslieferung an die einzelnen Fertigungslinien übernimmt LogoS die komplette Steuerung in der Logistik.

Gerade die Lagerung von bis zu 28 Meter langen Aluminiumkomponenten, die in zwei halbautomatischen Jochlagern über mehrere Portalkräne der Firma Siempelkamp ein und ausgelagert werden, ist aufgrund der Sperrigkeit des Materials mit höchst anspruchsvollen Logistikprozessen verbunden. Die Steuerung der Fahraufträge der Portalkräne wird ebenfalls über eine Schnittstelle durch LogoS realisiert. Neben der reinen Lagerhaltung übernimmt die BLG hier auch weitere Value Added Services, wie das Zuschneiden, das Lasern und das Waschen von Komponenten.

Bei allen Vorgängen muss dabei stets das strenge Konfigurationsmanagement der Siemens AG, d.h. die Rückverfolgbarkeit von Chargen und Serialnummern gewährleistet sein.

Optimierte Zulieferung auf Spezialladungsträgern

Die exakte Einhaltung von Verpackungsvorgaben und die fristgerechte und präzise getaktete Anlieferung in die Fertigung bilden das Kernstück des Siemens Logistikkonzepts, damit stets der reibungslose Ablauf bei den Fertigungsprozessen gewährleistet ist.

Ausnahmslos alle Anlieferungen an der Produktionslinie erfolgen auf Ladungsträgern, bei Bedarf auch auf Sonderladungsträgern, die ebenfalls komplett in LogoS auf der Basis von Serialnummern verwaltet werden. Damit ist es nicht nur jederzeit möglich den genauen Standort der Ware und auch des Leerguts zu ermitteln, sondern auch gezielt Rückführaktionen zu Zulieferern zu koordinieren und zu überwachen.

Die komplette Koordination des Leergutmanagements wird ebenfalls auf dem Nordgelände abgewickelt. Diese beinhaltet sowohl die Rückführung und Sortierung von Ladungsträgern aus dem Werk als auch die Bereitstellung von Ladungsträgern „Just in Time“ für die Kommissionierung und den Wareneingang.

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Town price of Mannheim found at Gigaton in Heddesheim[more]

Heddesheim, 12 January 2015
These days, it is getting down to business for the carnival friends from Mannheim since the new carnival season 2015 is about to start. For this season, a suitable Town prince had to be found in order to stand side by side with the already announced Town princess Nadine I. (Nadine Christina Motzko), to complement the Princely couple of Mannheim.

As every year, the prince was searched by the carnival society Feurio which has finally been able to find him after a long search at the Gigaton’s premises in Heddesheim. Out of various candidates, Alexander I. von Justitia (Alexander Fleck), recognized criminal law and traffic law specialist, finally asserted himself and was crowned Town prince.

Later on, the evening was about to come to an end with a good glass of wine and atmospheric live music following the successful search. Gigaton would like to express all the best wishes to the Princely couple of Mannheim for the imminent carnival season 2015 and thanks Feurio for a great evening.

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Fast Trains Thanks to Fast Logistics[more]

Heddesheim, December 16, 2014
GIGATON launched its warehouse management system LogoS for the second Siemens plant in Krefeld.
After having been successfully introduced to the Siemens locomotive plant in Munich at the beginning of 2013, LogoS has also been launched in the second Siemens plant in Krefeld. The WMS of the Heddesheimer software expert Gigaton takes over the complete steering of the warehouse logistics for the supply to production.
Regional and express trains are built for both national and international customers by Siemens in the Krefeld plant. Amongst others, all generations of the ICE series (InterCityExpress) have been manufactured here. The introduction of a new WMS in Krefeld was the second step of the WMS project in order to ensure an optimization of individual processes into a single process cycle including the creation of higher process reliability and transparency. LogoS is now introduced cross-plant as well.
Homogeneous Workflow for Internal Logistics
Approximately 100 employees of the Krefeld plant are currently using LogoS® at work, most of them on the basis of a data radio system. From receipt of all incoming goods, administration of manufacturing orders, picking of large and small components, consolidation of assemblies to ultimately the final delivery to the individual production tracks; LogoS completely controls the internal logistics.
In the complete workflow strict compliance rules of the Siemens A.G. have to be respected, i.e. the retracing of charges and serial numbers must be granted.
No Process without Load Carriers
The focus of the optimization lies on the accuracy of the picking process and the punctual and precisely clocked delivery to the production tracks. The handling of stock outages plays an equally important role as the observance of specified packaging requirements which are necessary for a smooth process in manufacturing. The delivery to the production tracks will take place on load carriers, if required on special load carriers, being also completely managed in LogoS based on serial numbers.
This new load carrier management will not only allow to track the exact location of full and empty load carriers at any time, but also to define and supervise callbacks of load carriers to suppliers. Photo Source


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The WMS software expert Gigaton expands its forklift control system (SLS) with the aim of controlling the industrial trucks (FFZ) in order to maximize the entire flow of materials in the warehouse.

For this purpose, a new distance-related coordinate matrix has been integrated in LogoS, including all existing lanes between every bin location. This new matrix will allow LogoS, after a starting point has been registered by an employee, to identify transport orders from this given starting point or another starting point in its near and to assign them to the forklift. Once this transport order has been confirmed, the algorithm begins again after the destination zone has been scanned.

In addition to the optimized lanes calculation also other criteria such as job priorities, locks of storage zones, restrictions of the forklifts etc. have been included as the distance-orientated selection of the transport order with the shortest route may not always be the optimal one.

The new forklift control system (SLS) provides optimization approaches, especially by avoiding empty runs, the prioritized generation of double plays and the avoidance of "congestion" in individual storage areas.


Logistic early spring 2014[more]

April showers bring May flowers - even in April
This year again Gigaton celebrated together with the regional group Rhein-Neckar of Bundesvereinigung für Logistik (BVL) the logistic early spring in Heddesheim. The traditional meeting of logisticians from the region and also regional clientele of Gigaton took 2014 part the eighth time in the premises of Gigaton. With good food and some cold drinks the participants will have the opportunity to exchange ideas about current topics of logistics world and also to make new contacts in a relaxed atmosphere.

We would like to thank all participants for your visit and hope to see you again next year.


LogiMAT 2014 – consistency and progress[more]

This year at LogiMAT 2014 Gigaton presented, with its new designed stall, its proven LogoS-System and new modules round about the topics “loading equipment management” and “construction contract disposition”. All visitors we would like to say “thank you” for the good dialogue and we are already looking forward to our next meeting.




LogoS® brought to the rails[more]

Heddesheim, 08th August 2013
Gigaton introduces warehouse management system LogoS® for warehouse of manufacturing location of the Siemens AG in Munich.
At the beginning of the year, the project "Introduction of a new warehouse management system" was brought to the rail in the locomotive factory of Siemens in Munich. In the course of this project, the WMS LogoS by Heddesheimer software expert Gigaton was put into operation for the section locomotive fabrication.
Siemens, as a leading producer, manufactures electric and diesel-electric locomotives for national and international clients in Munich. The introduction of a new warehouse management system has become essential in order to meet the increasing demands of the internal logistics. In this case, the focus was on the optimization of individual processes into a single process cycle including the creation of higher process reliability and transparency.
Continuous mapping of internal logistics
A total of about 100 employees are currently working with LogoS® on the basis of a data radio system in Munich. From the receipt of all incoming goods including routing into partially automated storage areas, administration of construction contracts, picking of large and small components, merging of assemblies to ultimately the final delivery to the individual production tracks; LogoS is in charge for the complete control in logistics.
Delivery and tracing of material on load carriers
The challenge lies in the accuracy of picking and in timely and accurate clocked delivery into production. The handling of stock outages plays an equally important role as the observance of specified packaging requirements that are necessary for a smooth process in manufacturing. Another requirement - the integrated management of special load carriers - directly into LogoS was also completely implemented in the course of this project.


LogoS ® part of the European Logistics Award 2013[more]

Löningen 04 July 2013
Remmers received the European Logistics Award On 5 June, a delegation of the Remmers AG from Löningen got passed the European Logistics Award 2013 in Brussels by the European Logistics Association (ELA). Remmers was honored for its innovative logistics concept. The "<24 hours logistics concept" promises the delivery of individually appointed and custom-built products regardless of location within 24 hours. Since commissioning Remmers could improve its delivery rate within 24 hours to around 99.4%.

Remmers is a manufacturer of premium products in the areas of construction, wood and soil protection. Delivery is about the central logistics center in Löningen, which was taken into operation in 2012. The logistics center in Löningen sized 17.200m². Furthermore there are two more ultra-modern regional warehouses in Germany and other regional warehouses in Poznan (Poland), Graz (Austria) and Antwerp (Belgium).

Warehouse management by Gigaton

Since 2011, Remmers has used the warehouse management system LogoS C/S, which were both in use in the old warehouse structures until 2012 and in the new logistics center, after moving. In total, over 21,000 parking spaces are managed in LogoS. Of the acquisition of goods from production to storage, picking, packing to loading of shipments to end customers LogoS C/S takes over the complete in-house logistics at Remmers in Löningen.

Congratulations from Heddesheim

We are very excited for Remmers and congratulation with pride to win the European Logistics Award 2013.

More information on winning the European Logistics Award 2013, please visit:


Impressions from LogiMAT 2013[more]

This year again Gigaton looks back on three exciting and inspiring days during LogiMAT 2013 in Stuttgart, International Trade Fair for Distribution, Materials Handling and Information Flow. We would like to thank all for visiting our stand and we are already looking forward to our next meeting.


Neue Standardfunktionen[more]

Gigaton integriert Fertigungsauftragsverwaltung und Ladungsträgermanagement in Standardsoftware Die Fertigungsauftragsverwaltung ist eine Erweiterung für die Abwicklung von Produktionslogistik in LogoS. Aus übertragenen Fertigungsaufträgen ist sowohl die Bildung von Einlager- als auch Auslageraufträgen möglich. Über die Vorgangsverwaltung kann ein Fertigungsauftrag in einzelne Arbeitsvorgänge untergliedert und über diese separat bearbeitet werden, dies auch unter Berücksichtigung einer zeitlichen Taktung für die Anlieferung an einer Produktionsstrecke. LogoS bietet über die Verwaltung von Baugruppen/Stücklisten zudem die Möglichkeit definierte Arbeitsvorgänge für wiederkehrende Baugruppen zu speichern, ebenso wie die Hinterlegung von Verpackungsanweisungen pro Baugruppe. Diese können dann in den grafischen Kommissionierdialogen angezeigt werden. Das Ladungsträgermanagement ist eine Erweiterung der Packmittelverwaltung, das die Verwaltung von einzelnen Ladungsträgern auf Einzel-ID-Ebene ermöglicht. Diese Abwicklung ist für den internen Transport und den Austausch von Ladungsträgern mit externen Partnern vorgesehen. Einzelne Ladungsträger können rückverfolgt und überwacht werden. Über die Definition von Ladungsträgeraktionen können zudem gezielt Ladungsträger aus dem Kreislauf ausgeschleust werden. Über die Ladungsträgerkontoführung kann pro Partner (Lieferant/Kunde/Spediteur/etc.) oder pro Einlagerkunde/Mandant ein separates Ladungsträgerkonto geführt werden und entsprechende Auswertungen gefahren werden. Mit diesen Erweiterungen reagiert Gigaton auf die wachsenden Anforderungen in der Produktionslogistik und beweist dadurch einmal mehr die Branchenneutralität von LogoS.


BVL-Jahresauftakt 2012 [more]

Am 27.01. dieses Jahres war es wieder soweit. Nach dem kalendarischen Jahresbeginn leitete die Firma Gigaton gemeinsam mit dem Regionalverband Rhein-Neckar der Bundesvereinigung für Logistik auch das logistische Jahr 2012 ein. Diesmal stand die Veranstaltung unter dem Motto „1001 Nacht“. Passend dazu wurde den Teilnehmern/innen ein spannender Vortrag von Frau Daglioglu, Managementberaterin aus Heidelberg, zum Thema „Abendland trifft Morgenland – Managementkulturen im Vergleich“ vermittelt. Dabei stellte sich die Frage, ob es Unterschiede im Management, abhängig von unterschiedlichen Kulturkreisen gibt? Die Frage konnte klar mit „Ja!“ beantwortet werden und einen Tipp zum Umgang damit gab es gleich auch noch. „Bleiben sie ruhig, pflegen Sie Ihre Beziehungen und bleiben Sie stets offen!“ war das Fazit. Neben dem informativen Teil der Veranstaltung wurden die 130 Teilnehmer/innen zudem mit allerhand kulinarischen Köstlichkeiten aus dem Morgenland verwöhnt. Zwischen Gang 1 bis 5 hatten alle Teilnehmer/innen ausreichend Gelegenheit sich bei einem guten Glas Wein oder Bier über das „Daily Business“ auszutauschen. Die Gigaton bedankt sich bei dem Regionalverband Rhein-Neckar der BVL und allen Teilnehmern/innen für den schönen Abend und wir freuen uns schon jetzt auf den nächsten logistischen Jahresauftakt 2013.


GIGATON Integrates flexible surfaces[more]

GIGATON implements new flexible, customizable and user-friendly interface for its Warehouse-Management-System LogoS®. Today, the necessity to implement both extensive and complex warehouse projects with standardized tools within a lead time as short as possible is a important requirement for the market. One of the key criteria for a quick and easy integration of a warehouse management system is to offer an easy-to-use and customizable user interface ergonomically. The “grid technology” forms the basis of the LogoS interface structure, which is already familiar through all standard Office products. It allows an extremely simple and highly flexible operation. All of the dialogs implemented in LogoS are designed for each user to define all custom fields or columns independently, so that these configurations meet the requirements for the users’ individual workflow. Size, order and gradation of the screens are also adaptable and fields can be added or modified anytime during day-to-day business. Customized dialogs can be saved as a template and linked to user or process profiles, so that they are generally available. By means of the new LogoS features, data contents can be exported in Office programs for further processing or directly be printed as a report in the desired format. The combination of dialog and display screen with export and printing capabilities allow our customers the use of a high performance tool which is designed to meet their requirements accurately.


Besuchen Sie uns auf der LogiMAT 2012 Halle 7, Stand 260[more]

Im März 2012 stellt die Gigaton wieder auf der LogiMat in Stuttgart aus. Wie jedes Jahr möchten wir unsere Kunden über die aktuellen Weiterentwicklungen unserer Lagerverwaltungssoftware LogoS informieren. Dazu möchten wir Sie in der Halle 7Stand 260 willkommen heißen und freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch.



In den letzten 15 Jahren ist viel Wasser den Rhein hinunter geflossen und die Welt hat sich ein paar Mal um sich selbst gedreht. "Ein Graues Haar und wieder geht ein Jahr" heißt es in einem bekannten Songtext. Viele Floskeln kann man wählen, um den Fortlauf der Zeit zu beschreiben. Doch dieses Jahr ist für uns ein ganz besonderes. 2011 blicken wir nun stolz auf 15 Jahre Gigaton zurück. Von 1996 an entwickelte sich aus einem Ein-Mann-Softwarebetrieb eine Firma mit aktuell 40 Mitarbeitern. Nach Einführung des ersten Lagerverwaltungssystems "im Zeichen des Elefanten" im Jahre 1996, wurde 2011 die 250 LogoS-Applikation in Betrieb genommen und die Gigaton zählt mittlerweile 27 Unternehmen von klein bis groß zu ihrem Kundenstamm. Dabei konnten wir immerhin ein durchschnittliches jährliches Wachstum von 17% erzielen. All diese Kennzahlen sollen nur einen kurzen Abriss über das in den letzen 15 Jahren Erreichte vermitteln. "Das Geheimnis des Erfolges ist, den Standpunkt des anderen zu verstehen", sagte einst Henry Ford. Dieser Grundsatz wurde auch stets im Hause Gigaton verfolgt, da wir als Logistikdienstleister und -berater immer versucht haben die Wünsche unserer Kunden umzusetzen, neben den Optimierungsgedanken aber nie den Pragmatismus aus den Augen verloren haben. Symbiose nennt man das wohl in der Naturwissenschaft, da wir stets von unseren Kunden gelernt und mit Ihnen gewachsen sind und andersrum. Daher möchten wir uns im Namen der Firma Gigaton bei allen Mitarbeitern, Kunden und Geschäftspartnern für die letzten 15 Jahre, die Ihr uns auf unserem Weg begleitet habt, bedanken. Wir wünschen uns für die nächsten 15 Jahre auch weiterhin so fruchtbare Geschäftsbeziehungen wie bis heute und freuen uns auf eine ereignisreiche Zukunft.


GIGATON integrates flexible surfaces[more]

GIGATON implements new flexible, customizable and user-friendly interface for its Warehouse-Management-System LogoS®. Today, the necessity to implement both extensive and complex warehouse projects with standardized tools within a lead time as short as possible is a important requirement for the market. One of the key criteria for a quick and easy integration of a warehouse management system is to offer an easy-to-use and customizable user interface ergonomically. The “grid technology” forms the basis of the LogoS interface structure, which is already familiar through all standard Office products. It allows an extremely simple and highly flexible operation. All of the dialogs implemented in LogoS are designed for each user to define all custom fields or columns independently, so that these configurations meet the requirements for the users’ individual workflow. Size, order and gradation of the screens are also adaptable and fields can be added or modified anytime during day-to-day business. Customized dialogs can be saved as a template and linked to user or process profiles, so that they are generally available. By means of the new LogoS features, data contents can be exported in Office programs for further processing or directly be printed as a report in the desired format. The combination of dialog and display screen with export and printing capabilities allow our customers the use of a high performance tool which is designed to meet their requirements accurately.