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GIGATON / Company

Since 1996, GIGATON has been developing warehouse management systems that make complex logistics processes monitorable and controllable. A passion that developed into art, shaping currently the third generation of LogoS WMS. The leitmotif “The Art of WMS” runs like a red thread through the 25-year history of GIGATON and describes precisely the sophisticated interplay of ability and intuition, of perception and imagination, of qualification and technology, of infrastructure and application that made the pioneering product LogoS Enterprise one of the most sought-after warehouse management systems. Today, logistics service providers, industry, wholesaler and retailer groups in Germany, Austria and Switzerland put their trust in “The Art of WMS made by GIGATON”.
Today, more than 60 employees are in charge of developing the software, integrating new modules for controlling digital storage technology, professional consulting services and customer-oriented project management.
When implementing LogoS, GIGATON customers can also rely on cloud computing solutions that meet the requirements of modern warehouse, multichannel and production logistics. Furthermore, GIGATON stands up for an integrated quality management to ensure that the entire service portfolio is continuously checked by independent institutes. Audits and internal process transparency is best practice and a compelling standard for the successful implementation of WMS projects.


Since its foundation, GIGATON has been emphasizing stable customer relationships and has been managing projects assigning top priority to individual process requirements. Indeed, this means to have a proactive team pursuing the common goals with professionalism and expertise. Innovative minds, leaders and committed employees work hand in hand to optimize logistical processes in a result-oriented manner. 63 GIGATON colleagues are organized in four main departments. Nevertheless, a holistic customer orientation is only possible thanks to creative teamwork and interdisciplinary cooperation.


The project management team is committed to innovative solutions in modern logistics processing and digital reorientation and is responsible for both, planning and execution of all LogoS implementations or customer-specific LogoS add-ons. They coordinate and schedule the roadmap and assits customers during the rollout of LogoS WMS. They also train the key users, who – after go-live – will be the LogoS “experts” within the host organization.
The creative minds of the software development department deal with the customization of LogoS standards and add-ons. With the same enthusiasm they invest in the ongoing development of innovative tools for digital process control or to connect latest automated warehousing technologies. As intelligent technologies and analysis modules get more and more important today, which is why they are an integral part of the LogoS portfolio.
GIGATON’s IT team is responsible for the IT infrastructure (hardware, DC locations, networks and data) and manages the entire IT-architecture with a special regard to configuration and capacity planning, workload distribution, backups, data protection, availability and fail-safety systems. In the service sector, they plan and administrate customized cloud and data center solutions.
Finally, the support department is the fourth pillar of the GIGATON’s company structure. After the successful rollout of LogoS WMS on site, the support experts ensure its optimal performance in day-to-day business. With scalable support standards (from basic to premium packages) or customized service plans, they provide a proper support to ensure that each tailor-made client solution runs smoothly.


GIGATON / Quality management

GIGATON maintains a distinctive quality management to guarantee internal process transparency according to international standards throughout the entire service portfolio. Regular audits by independent institutes check and certify this compliance culture. The entire LogoS software development process, the support and data center services are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 in the latest version. In addition, independent auditing companies regularly validate both the ITSM-compliance with ITIL V3 and the conformity of the computer-controlled systems according to ISPE’s (International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering) GAMP 5 guidelines.
LogoS offers outstanding performances for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry by fulfilling the strict criteria according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and the traceability of materials standards according to EU standard 178/2010. The complete range of LogoS functions is also regularly validated by the Dortmund-based Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML and published on their "warehouse logistics" portal. The integrated inventory modules are subject to regular checks by independent auditors. The audits are based on national tax regulations and quality assurance for EDI-based accounting systems.


GIGATON / References

Over the past 30 years, GIGATON’s solutions for logistics processes and supply chains have been established along with their clients and are deployed today in numerous European businesses.

We respect our customers' compliance and privacy policies and ask you to contact us here if you would like to receive an excerpt from the current reference list.


GIGATON / Social Responsibilty

GIGATON has always been focused on a culture of creativity, diversity and cooperation. Not only within the company, but also in the local environment through medium to long-term social commitment. With targeted donations, events and non-profit activities in the neighborhood, GIGATON contributes to create a loyal, colorful and inspiring environment.


GIGATON / Partners

GIGATON benefits of a strong partner network, that plays a central role to ensure quality and lasting customer satisfaction. Whether it involves, the exchange of know-how, the optimization of logistic processes thanks to innovative IT solutions or the validation of processes, GIGATON trusts in the competence and transparency of its partners. As a result, customers can always count on comprehensive solutions that meet their requirements for modern logistics processing.