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GigatonCloud is a lean cloud computering solution designed to support the full range of LogoS WMS features. Customers have direct access to the top-performing, certified GIGATON data centers, while saving valuable resources for administration, maintenance and provision of own structures. The modern peer-to-peer architecture allows the integration of customer's own IT infrastructure and enables fast, location-independent access to data and its redundant storage. Users connect to GigatonCloud via internet or VPN service and start running efficiently all LogoS processes using PCs, tablets, smartphones or other smart devices.

GigatonCloud / Structure

GigatonCloud / Benefits

  • Flexible structure and adaptable to any customer requirements
  • Quickly expandable for new project requirements or new sites
  • Integration of the customer's own IT resources, such as PCs, tablets, forklift terminals, radio scanners, etc.
  • Cloud access from mobile workstations / home office
  • The entire data center is monitored by an early warning system
  • Backup concept with its own backup server and optional backup in a second data center
  • Additional cloud services such as HTTP, FTP, SFTP, AS2, email, cloud drive etc. are available on demand
  • Support for data center, hardware and software under one roof

GIGATON / Data centers (DC)

The increasing digitization of logistic processes requires latest high-performance data centers. With a convergent architectural approach, GIGATON administrates and monitors all components of its IT infrastructure, such as servers, virtual machines, networking and storage units, located in two different sites. The entire system is centrally monitored by using suitable software tools to check constantly performance, availability, configuration and security. That allows on site to inspect accurately and control quickly all main components and critical values, ranging from power supply and cooling system to safety devices, and up to specific process variables of the IT systems.

DC / Features

  • Redundant physical servers
  • Storage systems mirrored disks
  • Redundant network
  • Physical backup server with tape library
  • Online UPS
  • Manufacturer support for hardware and software with short response and recovery times
  • Monitoring of hardware components, network, virtual servers, backups, services, etc.
  • Redundant automatic air conditioners
  • Monitoring of premises (alarm systems, fire alarms, temperature monitoring, power supply)
  • Central access control

DC + Cloud / Secure data

GIGATON data center services are certified within the DIN EN ISO 9001/2015 quality management system, thereby meeting the globally recognized standards in terms of process optimization and customer-oriented services. In the age of Industry 4.0, data security (confidentiality - integrity - availability) is a key factor for customer satisfaction.
In strictly practical terms, the GIGATON’s IT security model includes alarm-secured access controls in all sensitive areas as well as extensive technical, software-supported and organizational security measures.
GIGATON’s data security model, related to the LogoS workflow with cloud or data center services, provides a regular backup of all virtual servers copying via snapshots the entire data volume to a backup server ­– if needed several times a day. The archive logs, permanently created by the Oracle database running on the LogoS database server, get also automatically backed up.
In addition, a daily backup to a tape library, situated in a separate fire compartment of the data center, is scheduled. A second snapshot-backup via WAN on a spatially separated backup server can also be provided.